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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today’s Collectors Focus: Indo-Greek Menander 160-145 BC.AR Coin 

Menander I Soter "The Saviour" (known as Milinda in Indian sources) was one of the rulers of the Indo-Greek Kingdom from either 165 or 155 BC to 130 BC. His territories covered the eastern dominions of the divided Greek empire of Bactria and extended to India.

Menander has left behind an immense corpus of silver and bronze coins, more so than any other Indo-Greek king. During his reign, the fusion between Indian and Greek coin standards reached its apogee.  

One example, as featured on Showcase @ is the coin in the picture, featuring Indo-Greek Menander 160-145 BC.AR Drachm weight 2.30; grams size 19.23 mm; Obverse: Helmeted bust of king
right; Reverse Pallas standing left,holding shield on raised right arm and hurling thunderbolt.

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