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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How much is your Comic Book Worth?

Many comic books collectors are not sure how much their comic books are worth either for a potential sale or for their insurance declerations.

To begin with, the bottom line is that the worth of your comic book will be the subjective price which a certain buyer will be willing to pay at a certain time.
However, there are several factors which are taken into consideration once evaluating the worth of a comic book.

The first step is to grade you comic book. Grading is the term used to indicate the condition of the comic book and as a consequence its value.

The condition is determined by serveral factors such as the condition of the comic book covers, the inside of the comic book – are these complete or are there any tears and pages missing? Are the pages faded or not? The rarety and popularity of the comic book can also dramatically increase or decrease its value.

There are common terms to describe the condition of the comic book and a copy that falls between the grades usually is noted with a plus or a minus signs or with both of the grade terms with a slash seperating them.
The common grades terms are as follows from the best condition – Mint to the Poor one.
MT/M– Mint; Near Mint – NM; Very Fine – VF; Fine – FN; Very Good – VG; Good – GD/G; Fair – FR; Poor – PR;

Once determing in general the condition of your comic book, it is recommended to review several comic books price guides to get an idea of the value of the book. Price guides will list the comic book name and value based on its condition. Several price guides will list a range of value while others will list a fixed price.

The comic book could be identified based on its title which is the name of the comic book series and the Issue which is the single installment of a title, usually with its own number.
It is advised to rely on several resources to reach an accurate estimated value.

Comic books price guides are usually published on a monthly, quarterly and on a yearly basis. The most well known guides today include “The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide”, The Comics Buyer’s Guide Magazine”, “The Standard Catalog of Comic Books” and “The Comics Buyer’s Guide”. Today there are also several online comic books price guides available for collectors.

We also advise to review the latest deals on online auction websites such as to receive additional indictions to the right value of the comic book.

It should be noted that selling your comic book to dealers might not get its top value since the dealers will demand their commission. It could be more lucrative to sell your comic book directly to potential buyers on auction websites, although it could be a longer process.

If you are still confused despite taking the steps above and you believe that your comic book might be a valuable one, there are third party grading services companies which provide grading services and certification for its customers.

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