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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today's Collectors Focus: Valuation of Antiques:

An antique is a collectible item which is usually attractive to collectors because of its age, rarity, craftsmanship and any other unique features or a subjective appealing to a specific collector.

It is common to relate to a collectible as an antique with it being at least hundred years old. Thus, the US customs office considers as an antique any object which is older than hundred years old. This is also the common reference to an antique by the CINOA which is the largest antique dealers association representing five thousands dealers from more than twenty countries.

Referring to the valuation of antiques, it is often difficult to value antiques as they could be one of kind piece which cannot be comparable with any other item. More over, the only true value of an antique is the price which a specific buyer is willing to pay for the specific item at a certain time. However, some guidelines and tools can be summarized of how one could valuate a specific antique.

One tool which can assist with the value of an antique is if it is a genuine or a reproduction item and if it is accompanied by a certification of authentication. Nevertheless, the authentication of the certificates themselves should be determined as they can easily be forged. One example is of the son of Han van Meegeren, whom forged the work of his father and provided a certificate for its provenance as well.  

Another tool to valuate a specific item is to look for similar items and their recorded average selling price in online auctions sites and auction houses. Some books and price guides which can be found in book stores and local libraries can also give a good indication of the appropriate pricing based on similar items.

Another option is to assist with professional antiques appraisers whom can write a written appraisal to give an idea of what the item is worth. These services are also available today at online dedicated sites.

It should be noted that an antique dealer would expect to pay a wholesale price of an item which is approximately one half of what one could get by selling the item directly to a collector which can be a longer process but a lucrative one.

Reproduction of Auguste Rodin Bronze Statue:   

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