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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today’s Collectors Focus: The Dominion of Canada Period - The Queen Victoria Stamps Series: 

Looking back at the postal history of Canada, there are several major periods: the French control period dated 1604 to 1763, the British control period dated 1763 to 1841, the colonial government control period dated 1841to 1867, and the Dominion of Canada period, since 1867. 

The dominion era contains some of rarest stamps in Canada and is known for many of its famous issues: The Pence issue, the First cents issue, the Large Queen issue, the Small Queen issue, the Diamond Jubilee issue, the Queen Victoria Maple Leaf issue, the Queen Victoria Numeral issue, the Imperial Penny postage, the Provisional issues, and King Edward VII. Our focus today is on the Victorian dominion stamps. 

With the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867, the different colonies each of which had their own stamps were assembled together and new stamps for the whole Canada were released known as the “Large Queens” stamps, featuring a profile of Queen Victoria, based on an engraving by Charles Henry Jeens. These set of the Victorian stamps ranged in value from half cent to fifteen cents. 

Printed in 1868 and not discovered until 1925, the two cents Large Queen on laid paper is actually today the rarest postage stamp of Canada, so far only two are known to exist. 

In order to be able to produce larger number of stamps, the Large Queens had a relatively short life, and were replaced in1870 by the "Small Queens", smaller stamps of the same basic designs. The Small Queens came in a number of printings between 1870 and 1897. 

In 1897 the first commemorative stamps of Canada were released celebrating the 60th year of Queen Victoria and the 30th year of confederation. The design was a side-by-side of the Chalon vignette of the young and included 16 denominations ranging from half cents to five dollars. 

In this year additional releases included the Maple Leaf Issue, regular stamps with the central design based on a Jubilee portrait for Victoria, with maple leaves in each corner. Successive design replaced the lower leaves with numerals of value.

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